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Disgaea 4 Complete+ Coming To Nintendo Switch In Autumn

NIS America has announced that Disgaea 4 Complete+ will be heading to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this autumn. As the name suggests it comes with everything included. Have a watch of the newly announced game in the trailer below!


  1. These game are overwhelming imo, I couldn’t even finish the demo… And this is coming from a Rpg/SRpg lover

    1. Yea I liked Disgaea 5 for the amount of time I played. But honestly I don’t have that much time on my hands lol wish I could see the story to the end but at the rate I was going it would take more than a hundred hours

      1. More than a hundred hours? jfc u must luv grinding alot
        Took me only around 50 hours
        and I rarely play Strategy RPGs

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