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Zelda’s Shorter Hair In Breath Of The Wild 2 Might Mean She Is Playable

The biggest surprise that came from the Nintendo Direct at E3 2019 is arguably the follow-up to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In the forthcoming sequel, Zelda sports a new, shorter hairdo that is more comparable to Link’s luscious locks. Due to the multiple similarities between both characters’ appearances, their physics are expected to be nearly identical; therefore, many are speculating that Zelda will be playable alongside the Hero of Hyrule.

24 thoughts on “Zelda’s Shorter Hair In Breath Of The Wild 2 Might Mean She Is Playable”

  1. Even if she is playable (which I hope she is), why cut her hair for that reason? In fact, I’ll be very disappointed if BotW 2 doesn’t take customizing the character a step further & allow you to change Link and Zelda’s (if she’s playable) hairstyles. Put some salons about the world where they can have their hair fixed up (like Witcher 3 did.) In fact, a salon where you spend money to change the characters’ hair would give us players something else to spend our money on as I didn’t use money often in BotW once I got all of the outfits in the game.

    1. I think the reason why they cut the hair it’s probably for letting her fight easily. Ok this sound dtupid but I will explain what I mean. Girls with long hair, when they move the head, it always happen to have the hair if front of the eyes. While girls with short hair doesn’t have this problem.

      I personally think in a critic situation having long hair isn’t good. As I said it’s a stupid opinion but this is what I think

      1. While I don’t mind the hair cut, per se, there are other ways to keep her long hair out of the way during battle, like putting it up in a ponytail. If that was too Samus for Nintendo, even pigtails would do. Or even just a side ponytail. Since Endless Ocean 2’s main female character had a side ponytail, I’ve grown to like that as an alternate hairstyle to ponytails.

      2. Eh… if it was done for playable reasons, it’s less lore-practical, and more programming-practical.

        Ask any game artist and they will tell you long hair is a NIGHTMARE to animate, especially in playable characters where character inputs can make them move in any number of unforeseen ways. It’s not an accident that most playable woman characters in games have their hair tied back, in some sort of braid, or cropped short.

  2. i highly doubt her hair being short would suggest she might be playable. also i like how people make huge assumptions. even if she was playable her hair would not factor into her being playable.

  3. Look the reason they’ve said this dumbasses is that long hair notoriously clips through shit. If you look at Botw link, when he wears ancient armer and his hairs down it’s in quite a fixed place. Zelda is possibly playable but her short hair would be for this reason!

  4. While I agree that it’s very likely that she’s going to be playable, I don’t think the shorter hair had anything to do with that.

    It’s just a simple character design change, nothing more.
    I mean seriously, since when does it matter if a character is playable because of shorter hair?

  5. The reason they would cut it in order to make her playable is to get rid of any possible clipping issues. Already with capes and long pieces of clothing, the original game has a lot of clipping. They can get away with it for the most part with clothing, but hair clipping looks absolutely atrocious. This is why Peach always sports a ponytail in sports games and Mario kart, and honestly Zeldas personality fits better with a Bob than a ponytail.

  6. Zelda’s new ‘do is fantastic. It would be cool if you were forced to switch at parts to use Zelda’s powers or Link’s swordplay.

  7. With all of the fuss people made about the female link rumor I’d be shocked if she wasn’t playable.

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