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Japan: Original Yo-Kai Watch coming to Nintendo Switch

Level-5, the developers behind the successful Yo-Kai Watch series, has announced today that the first game in the series is coming to the Nintendo Switch. This should give those who missed out an opportunity to play the game on Nintendo’s latest hardware. It’s not clear if it’s a remake or remaster of the Nintendo 3DS title. Yo-Kai Watch will arrive in Japan on 20th September.



  1. I actually started playing the first one on my 3ds a few weeks back. Haven’t played the others so I would buy them on switch if they came westward. I doubt they’ll release soon enough though I’ll probly be done with all three on 3ds by the time they come around.

  2. So let me get this straight. A 3DS game is being ported to a machine that’s NOT the 3DS’s successor, only the Wii U’s, because it has Wii U ports (and also 3DS ports)? Yeah, that makes a ton of sense, it gets 3DS ports, but isn’t the 3DS’s successor, suuuuure, riiiiiight.

    1. The switch is the WiiU successor, the Switch Lite is the 3ds successor. o3o they been hinting at that being their mindset the past couple years at investor meetings. “We are thinking of making a cheaper portable only option to replace our 3ds line that currently covers that market”. It’s part of the reason everyone new the Switch Lite was coming.

    2. Level 5 is third party so it’s most likely there decision, nintendo just publish there game, it obviously will be remaster because the battle system heavily use the dual screen feature
      (This is actually the first 3ds port, I’m surprise we got a ds port aka world ends with you, before a 3ds port)

    3. Why do you keep going on about this? It’s weird that you do and doesn’t even matter

    4. By that logic the 3DS must have been a successor to the N64 since we got a bunch of ports on there.

  3. I’m curious to see how they’ll change the gameplay since there won’t be the extra screen for battles. I loved the first and I’m definitely down to play through it again, especially if they change it up a bit!

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