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Even harder difficulty coming to Fire Emblem: Three Houses post-launch

Nintendo Europe has confirmed this afternoon that the daredevils amongst you will be able to select an ultra hard difficulty in Fire Emblem: Three Houses later this year. The mode is a step up from hard and should prove to be a nightmare even for hardcore players. More details will be announced at a later date.

Thanks to Brandon for the news tip!


    1. I remember trying a no grind no second seal run of Awakening’s Lunatic+. I got to chapter 17 before I just couldn’t progress. Funnily enough that chapter’s called ‘Inexorable Death’. I just can’t deal with about 30 units with Counter, Luna+, Hawkeye and Pass all rushing you at once.

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      1. I didn’t even get that far. I was too tired of all those beefed up units. I only got to like chapter 8 or 9 iirc and then I pretty much ragequit.
        Also not a gamemode for me since I love Archers and those were just useless in Lunatic +

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  1. No thanks. Even if I didn’t mind masochistic difficulties, I don’t have time to play on such a time consuming difficulty. I got a huge backlog of games, I got a lot of YouTube subscriptions, and I watch WWE on Mondays (Raw), Tuesdays (Smackdown; til it moves to Fridays on Fox), sometimes Wednesdays (NXT), sometimes Fridays (NXT Takeovers), & sometimes Sundays (PPVs); I’ll be able to add AEW to that starting on October 2nd which is a Wednesday. Not to mention I have to give time to my wife & son, too, when they want said time.


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