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Pokemon GO downloaded over 1 billion times since launch

Niantic and the Pokemon Company have released a new Japanese trailer for the companies Pokemon GO app. At the end of the video it states that the popular augmented reality game has now been downloaded over one billion times since the game launched globally.


5 thoughts on “Pokemon GO downloaded over 1 billion times since launch”

  1. Really not looking forward to a future where the mainline Pokemon games don’t have all the Pokemon but a freemium mobile game does.

  2. I still play regularly, is great if you travel often, to map the city and discover new landmarks, I have Pokemon Go friends from several countries, get presents every day, the Discord group from an area of my city has over 500 members, and people tend to forget is also an exercise app, great to keep in shape, just put a 5k or 10k egg and start your jogging routine. It’s much better now, with missions and Team Rocket.

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