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Microsoft: “We have no plans to further expand our exclusive first party games to other consoles”

Microsoft has helped bring a few of their games over to the Nintendo Switch this year. Unfortunately, it seems that more titles aren’t on the way for the time being. Microsoft has confirmed in a statement to that there are “no plans to further expand our exclusive first party games to other consoles”. Microsoft says that the reason for this is to “focus on making games for our platforms”. You can see Microsoft’s full statement down below.

“The past year has been an exciting time for us as we have more than doubled the internal creative teams making up Xbox Game Studios. As these new studios transitioned in, we were aware of some existing commitments to other platforms and will honor them. However, going forward these new studios will focus on making games for our platforms. We have no plans to further expand our exclusive first party games to other consoles. We continue to believe deeply in cross play and progression of games with the right flexibility for developers to insure a fair and fun experience.”


20 thoughts on “Microsoft: “We have no plans to further expand our exclusive first party games to other consoles””

    1. If you have Windows 10 then you need not waste your time buying a watered down want to be PC console, You can buy an Xbox game pass ultimate instead and play all those games on your PC.

      1. That’s the point HollowGrapeJ, That’s why you buy the Xbox game pass ultimate, it’s a cross PC/XBox pass, any game that is on the game pass can be played on either Xbox or PC. You do not need an Xbox to buy the pass, right now you can get the pass for $2 for 2 months. Getting the pass allows you to download and play any of the games on the service. ANY of the games; including games that aren’t on PC like Rare Replay. It works like the old Digital Gamefly platform, as long as you are subscribed you can play the games an unlimited amount of times, but the moment you are unsubscribed the games become unplayable. So it’s more like renting than owning, but it gives you access to a lot of games. I know what I’m talking about.

      2. Wait a minute, sorry I was wrong, though I hate to admit it -.-‘, it would appear that Rare replay is an Xbox 360 game not an Xbox One game. Got my wires crossed; thought it was an Xbox One game for some reason. Microsoft for whatever reason has not made Xbox 360 games available on Win 10 yet. However you could still technically get those games on a PC via a 360 or n64 emulator. Though I imagine it will only be a matter of time before it’s available through the game pass on PC, it seems like Microsoft is beginning to fully combine the platforms.

    2. Cuphead was never an Xbox exclusive, it has been available on Steam since the beginning. Just a minor correction, it also got a physical release for Windows 10 ages ago.

      1. @Cæba
        I see. But as far as the physical release goes, I was referring to the physical Switch release. Which I heard there was going to be. It’s hard to believe that Cuphead existed for so long. I never even heard of it until My Nintendo News posted about it coming to the Switch.

    3. They may just be downplaying any future releases but honestly I never expected to much from M$. I just figured they thought they could make a good amount from 2 games that would work well on Switch plus they have a good relationship it seems. The other side of the coin is if Nintendo will let M$ have any of its games on an Xbox ?

    4. What, no Unravel 1 on the Switch (despite releasing the SECOND game)!?

      That’s totally backwards. Guess I’ll have to pretend that the first one doesn’t even exist (because the sequel is sitting on my Switch).

    5. To the surprise of absolutely no one. Cuphead, Super Lucky’s Tale and Ori weren’t Microsoft “first party” games, technically saying. But they will never release any of Rare’s IPs on Switch.

      1. No plans they say? Plans can change.
        Here’s hoping for Rare Replay Complete Edition featuring Donkey Kong on Switch.

      2. Video game developers never made any sense. This why:

        So video game developers always complain how expensive games are to make. Yet when they make a game, and it sells millions who has makes the dumb decision to wait 7 or 8 years for a sequel? Or by seeing reactions of Banjo-kazooie going on the Switch, why haven’t they THOUGHT about bringing the orginal B-K and Tooie to the Switch?

        Isnt Rare broke? Doesnt come sense tell you to bring the games to Switch?

        Ubisoft is stupid too. Rayman Legends and Mario Rabids so well on Nintendo console? So why arent these developers making sequels?

        I dont get it? Am I missing something here?

        Trine developer is poorer than Ubisoft , Microsoft and Nintendo yet they pushing Trine, Trine 2, Trine 3 and Trine 4 for the Switch.

        Where as Nintendo here is not releasing Pikmin4 for some dumb reason.

        I thought people wanted money?

        Banjo-kazooie is a money maker.
        So why dont Microsoft have no plans to make extra revenue if they brought it to Switch? Either video game developers are stupid or they hate money.

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