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Video: GameXplain Luigi’s Mansion 3 New Boss Gameplay

If you think you’ve seen everything that Luigi’s Mansion 3 has to offer, think again. GameXplain has uploaded a video containing footage of a Luigi’s Mansion 3 boss that has not been previously shown by Nintendo. According to GameXplain in the video description, “we had the opportunity to try a brand new boss fight in Luigi’s Mansion 3 as part of Garden Suites”. You can see the video down below.

3 thoughts on “Video: GameXplain Luigi’s Mansion 3 New Boss Gameplay”

    1. Releasing this game on October 31st instead of October 13th so people can play it leading up to Halloween is as dumb as releasing a new Saw film in the summer… Which is sadly what they are doing with the next Saw film that will be coming out in May 2020… *sigh*

      1. To be fair, I do an annual playthrough of the original Luigi’s Mansion *every* year in October, the only guidelines are no resets (unless I die, which has never happened) and that I finish before Halloween, at any percent completion (every year I say “this time, I’m GOING to gold-frame Jarvis, and I always fail- the best I can do is silver-frame), and soon I’ll add Dark Moon to the addendum, so I do both by the end of October. Having LM3 to finish by Halloween just after the first two would have been awesome, but the soonest that can happen will have to be next year. * sigh *

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