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Polygon: Nintendo has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a ROM website

It is no secret that Nintendo has been fighting a war against piracy and copyright infringement, and these efforts have only increased in recent years. The latest battle comes from a multi-million dollar lawsuit that Nintendo of America filed against the owner of RomUniverse on September 10th. According to Polygon, “the company is seeking damages in the amount of $150,000 for each copyright infringement, and up to $2 million for each trademark infringement”.

Nintendo claims that the site contains pirated games with “counterfeit copies of Nintendo’s trademarks”, copyright infringement of the games themselves, However, The site’s biggest problem is that it offers paid memberships to the site. For $30 per year, Nintendo says that the memberships offer users the ability to download “an unlimited number of pirated games, [referred to as ROMs,] with higher speeds than non-members”. The site is “among the most visited and notorious online hubs for pirated Nintendo video games”. There are retro pirated Nintendo games, but there are also pirated Switch and 3DS games. In fact, “there are nearly 300,000 downloads for the offered Nintendo Switch games and more than 500,000 downloads for Nintendo 3DS games”. The site also seems to be pirating movies and book.



    1. Stop putting potential targets in bold.

      Better yet, stop mentioning them, on a news site called “My Nintendo News.

      1. This. I think Nintendo attorneys actually lurk on this site because it used to be that MNN would report about a fan game all of the time and then a few days later it’s taken down.

  1. Man, they could not have sued if they didn’t have a membership. Though the membership doesn’t even have a lot of advantages, 30 bucks a month for a probable unnoticeable quicker load time? no way

      1. I find it kinda funny that rom sites I never heard off are being taken down, rom sites that i never used…

        you know what can help kill piracy for games? make your nintendo online service better, start giving away free games every month like ps+, Epic game store, etc. Give us a decent discount on digital games, start offering more nintendo based games on your service…

        Give us a better option that we can pay…. 15 or 25 bucks a month to get access to a HUGE online catagory of games similar to origin or uplay+, I’ll do that in a heartbeat so I could play breath of the wild, Dragon Quest 2, Super Mario Odyssey and more.

        Gabe Newell, founder of Valve and Steam, did said “piracy is a service issue”. Improve your service, and piracy is no longer an issue, look at how spotify, pandora, and other killed the music piracy scene… that’s a GREAT deal right there, make a better deal with the games you make and we can do more business.

  2. Why would they charge a premium like that? That’s probably what got them.

    Well, you know what they say- once something touches the Internet, it doesn’t come off no matter how hard you scrub. These ROMs will pop up again somewhere, sometime.

  3. I don’t have too much of a problem with them Nuking ROMs if they actually sell us the games, but it seems like they’re dragging their feet. It’ll probably be another year before N64 games start coming. What I really want are multiplayer game ports with integrated online, mostly Gamecube, GBA, and DS games though, and those are probably quite a long ways away…

  4. Yeah, the payment plan for the rom site was an awful practice so I get suing them…
    But Nintendo? Most rom sites ARE FREE of charge and MOST games are out of print/and or not available to buy or were never even available in english in the first place.

    Stop screwing over people who value your vast library and maybe rescue your older games instead?
    If there is no payment included, rom sites should be left alone imo.

    1. To add, I only bought the mario and luigi rpg series later on because I played the rom first and loved it.

      I tried before I bought with plenty of older out of print games too, and was only able to find a few of them on 3rd party websites like ebay (if they were even there).

      I think that most video game companies just don’t get how huge the demand is for so many of their older games. It isn’t just nostalgia. A great game will forever stay that way.

  5. Those prices they want to be reimbursed are pretty steep but oh well. The site shouldn’t have charged money as that’s probably why they didn’t get the luxury of a C&D first like the other ROM sites Ninty has gone after.

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