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Video: Live-action trailer unveiled for Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is about 10 days away from launch! To celebrate the upcoming release, Nintendo has unveiled a live-action trailer in which a bunch of Toads are hard at work constructing the Tokyo course. You can check it out in the embedded video below. Mario Kart Tour is on track to arrive on September 25 for iOS and Android devices.


  1. I know practically every one on the planet has a mobile phone, but please concentrate on more mk8 dlc and mk9 for a more truer Mario kart experience.
    I’m pretty sure the switch will get its own Mario kart at some point, but sooner rather than later. I ain’t worried bout this mobile phone malarkey.

    1. You have to wait 6 more years then
      You should know Nintendo doesnt work on games immediately. Common sense would had said that they would had made Mario Kart 9 immediately after releasing it on Wii U. For some dumb reason they dont make sequels immediately. I thought this post was going to announce Toad’s Treasure Tracker II. But nope. We probably have to pay $300 to play Mario Kart 9 and TTT2.

  2. I’m pretty sure Nintendo is concentrating on the next Mario Kart along with MK: Tour.
    I see integration with the mobile app and a full Switch game. MK: Tour will do well no doubt and that just means a better MK9, or whatever it will be called.

    1. They should had concentrated on that immediately when Mario Kart 8 released on Wii U. Why on earth would I need Mario Kart 8 on My Switch when I have it on My Wii U. And why did they work on a Donkey Kong immediately after tropical Freeze came out on Wii U?
      Yet they can work on BOTW2 and Mario games immediately but they cant make Pikmin 4.

  3. All Nintendo care about is Mario and Zelda, Switch gets BOTW2 and Mario Maker 2. But Switch cant get Pikmin 4 or a new Donkey Kong or Starfox . And why is t Nintendo trying to negotiate with Microsoft and Rare to have Banjo-kazooie and Tooie.

    So if this is a business why doesnt Microsoft see that releasing Banjo-kazooie on the Switch benefits Rare and Microsoft? What a waste of good future revenue. Banjo-kazooie can print money faster than D.C can for Microsoft and Rare but for some dumb reason they dont want to do it.

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