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New information about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition


The long-awaited Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition is headed to the Nintendo Switch on 23rd January and it certainly sounds like something to look forward to. A recent interview in 4Gamer with three members of staff working on the game reveals new information on the game’s artwork as well as why the game is a remaster as opposed to a full on remake. Read on for the full details:

Here are the highlights:

  • Producer Ryoma Araki originally played Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles as a regular consumer, as he was a game designer working at a different studio on another GameCube game, and he remembers being flabbergasted at how the game really used the specs behind the console.
  • Designer Toshiyuki Itahana mentions that the reason why the characters of Crystal Chronicles look a bit generic is because of the multiplayer and character creation aspects of the game. Essentially, it wasn’t a game about detailing the individual heroes, as would be in a mainline game. While he considered whether to redo the designs for the remaster, some staff mentioned they’d like to recreate the designs they used in the original game, so instead one new male and one new female design have been added to each race respectively.
  • Regarding music, composer Hidenori Iwasaki mentions that the remaster wasn’t originally going to have rearranged tracks, but they went for it when Iwasaki called Araki out one day and said, “Hey, I have this on hand.” The original game is known for its music, but as there were hardware limitations, there were some tracks that couldn’t be added in, which will be added in in the remaster.
  • Dungeons originally in Crystal Chronicles will keep the old music, while new dungeons have newly composed tracks for them.
  • Iwasaki jokes that during the planning phases for the original game, a planner suggested to go with a techno music direction, but was promptly ignored.
  • One of the big additions to Remastered Edition is the inclusion of cross-platform online play, which wasn’t possible back then. Itahana mentions that they still get photos from overseas fans showing that they managed to assemble the 4-player setup of connecting multiple Game Boy Advances.
  • The console and smartphone versions will have different UI. For multiplayer, you don’t need to wait in a lobby, as players will show up when they join naturally as you advance. They also reiterated that cross-platform saves are a feature for the Remastered Edition.
  • Extra difficult “alternate” dungeons have been added as well, which change up the atmosphere and appearing enemies in existing dungeons. It’s meant for endgame multiplayer content after beating the main game’s dungeons, and is balanced as such, although it’s not impossible to do it solo. The new dungeons will drop new weapon recipes for newly designed weapons by Itahana. Over 10 new tracks have been composed for the new dungeons.
  • Why not remake the game? Araki mentions that this was an option, but he felt it had to be a remaster for Crystal Chronicles, in order to show to the fans (including himself) that Crystal Chronicles was truly back. Because he played it as a regular player back then, Araki has made sure to change the game in areas that needed updating to modern standards.


5 thoughts on “New information about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition”

  1. Looking forward to it! Can’t wait to hear the beautiful music, explore the dungeons, and travel through the miasma again.

    1. Was always weird for single player to get a Moogle to carry the chalice, but not MP – where essentially, the weakest player of the squad was chalice B, lol.

  2. This remaster is sounding so good, it almost FEELS like a remake! Seriously! New dungeons? New music!? one new character model for each race and gender!? Online crossplay!? That’s amazing! I am so looking forward to this.

  3. So glad they didn’t go with a full on remake because I honestly wouldn’t have been happy with getting a remake as it most likely would have mimicked the failed Crystal Bearers sequel in the art style department. Besides, they added new dungeons so a remake wasn’t really needed. Also, I’m glad they didn’t redo the characters & simply just added a new male/female design for each race instead.

    Oh & when they say cross-platform play, do they mean that for ALL devices? Or is the PS4 gonna be exempt from this..? I’ll get this on the Switch in a heartbeat if they let Sony bully them into not allowing cross-play on PS4 with other devices.

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