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SEGA planning more short animations for future Sonic games


The excellent Sonic Mania and Team Sonic Racing had a wonderful advertising campaign which included short animations of Sonic and the rest of the team in action. It seems as though SEGA has noted the response from fans and says it plans to produce more short-form animation for future Sonic the Hedgehog titles.

I can say we have a plan of continuing this trend creating short-form content per game release, and we can’t announce yet, but several projects have been planned; for those projects, we are in early development, but yes, we will continue releasing this type of content.

  • Yukio Kusumoto, Sega’s Director of Animation


6 thoughts on “SEGA planning more short animations for future Sonic games”

  1. Why? Why doesn’t Sega stop making Sonic games for fans that still think Classic Sonic matters, and focus on Modern Sonic? Or better yet, Why doesn’t Sega stop making Sonic games all together? It’s clear they’re never going to put Sally Acorn in their games. And their fans are hard to please anyway.

    1. They won’t stop making them because it makes money, and why bring up Sally Acorn if the Archie comics are officially dead now? The character isn’t going to be in any further media whatsoever.

    2. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

      You’re reading this wrong. They never confirmed new classic sonic games, they’ve only said they’re continuing this for future sonic games. They did shorts for mania and team sonic racing.

  2. Can Sonic take a little break? Maybe use the time to pump out a new game in a series that hasn’t been touched in awhile? I’d kill for a new Billy Hatcher game or even an HD remake of the original.

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