The Nintendo 3DS firmware has been updated to version 11.12.0-44

The 3DS may not be seeing as much activity as it used to, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from giving the handheld the occasional firmware update. The 3DS has just gotten a new update, bringing the game to version 11.12.0-44. Unsurprisingly, this update doesn’t change much. The only thing mentioned in the official patch notes is that “further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”.



  1. I know theres gona be comments on here saying the 3ds is dead already, but il be playing mine for years to come.
    The 3ds kept things well alive for Nintendo when other areas were not so good. ‘Er hmm, wii u..’

    1. That’s interesting. I just turned mine on last night after lying dormant for a few months. I looked over all the downloaded games I had and said “Man… This really was one of Nintendo’s best system libraries”. I mean… Even if some of them are ports, they are at least ports of amazing games. Playing Majora’s Mask, Samus Returns, Xenoblade Chronicles, Smash Bros, and the sequel to A Link to the Past…. C’mon. You gotta give credit where credits due.

      Alas though… I never got my GBA or DS VC on it :/

  2. They “enhace the user experience” by banning your 3DS from online when you use custom firmware.

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