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Video: New Pokemon featured in final Japanese pre-launch trailer for Pokemon Sword & Shield


The Pokemon Company has released its final pre-launch trailer for the upcoming Pokemon extravaganza on the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Sword & Shield. The 2 minute trailer even showcases a couple of new Pokemon who will feature in the game which is scheduled to release on the Nintendo Switch this Friday, 15th November. It will be available worldwide on that date. Have a watch of the action unfold down below!

28 thoughts on “Video: New Pokemon featured in final Japanese pre-launch trailer for Pokemon Sword & Shield”

  1. I have to admit, despite the aggression and criticism towards this game, I think this game looks really nice. People complained about the animation, but from this trailer video here, it seems pretty decent honestly. I think it’s an overreaction from the Pokemon fans. Maybe not. Either way, I know I will enjoy this game, and I don’t feel like I’ll be jipped of anything.

    1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

      I mean, have you been keeping up with the leaks? No ones overreacting, there’s a lot not shown. We have honestly only seen the very few things already shown several times. The game looks terrible, nearly everything about it. Do yourself a favor and check the leaks out, specifically r/Pokémon. It shows all the faults, all the errors, and everything rushed about this game. It saved me 60$.

    1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

      Sure does but at least they’re aware about the current state of the game and don’t rely on trailers with cherry picked scenes.

    1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

      Have you even seen the leaks? I’m not going to ruin anything, but you really can’t enjoy the things in this game

      1. Why? Just because the graphics aren’t the best? If it’s anything technical they can just patch it. The game still has a few more days until it’s officially released. I’m sure they’ll fix whatever’s wrong with it either on release day or sometime after its release.

    1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

      Except the leakers aren’t from reddit. They’re just playing the game and streaming it, and even if they were, nothing would change. And what has been shown so far is definitely not a good sign for the first mainline Pokémon game for console, requested by fans for around 20 years.

        1. Yeah, this guy’s acting like the Pokémon franchise is going to end or something just because the graphics aren’t pretty enough.

          We get it already, you don’t like the game because it didn’t live up to your expectations. He really doesn’t need to complain about it on almost every article about Pokémon Sword and Shield. It’s his fault for spoiling himself in the first place.

      1. I’d give this MrKrabs guy the benefit of the doubt. I have the lowest of expectations for Pokemon but wow… I just checked it out and it’s pretty poor. It’s not even just the graphics and animations… There’s some pretty questionable gameplay design choices.

        It’s a tough pill to swallow but GF won’t polish or innovate because, simply, they don’t have to. People still buy the games (eventually) even if they hate it. A boycott would theoretically be an effective message to the devs but… It’s not gonna happen.

      2. @alantor30

        Just be ready for disappointment. Its not just graphics and technical bugs/issues.
        There is alot missing or half assed.

        I still dont get why u say “It’s just ur opinion”
        when the dude literally told u and sourced where he got the info from. (and all tht info is just a collection of info from ppl who are streaming the game)
        Ppl were already uneasy with the info b4 leaks popped up
        and now this may be the biggest blunder the company will ever face.

        Yall make it sound like he wants a high tier Pokemon game and anything less is abysmal.
        Its never implied tht he meant tht. It’s just below the acceptable minimum of wht the fanbase deserves.

    1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

      It’s a glitch on mobile when you check to see who liked your comments. Plus, it was only one comment, not comments. Nothing silly.

  2. All these comments.
    If your that worried, I’d just wait until the games out and there’s legit reviews.

    The game has got a lot to live up to without a doubt, but hopefully it’ll be a solid game for Pokemon fans even if it’s not the best one to date.
    I don’t play Pokemon so I’m not worried, but I still hope it’s good for fans.

  3. I never really understood how there are spoilers for Pokemon. It’s always the same formula. There’s really no surprises unless you do get ecstatic for ever single new Pokemon which… Isn’t practical. Nobody loves every single Pokemon and it wouldn’t hurt to look at the version exclusives to see what you might like.

    But yeah… Other than that it’s still gonna be Get a Pokemon, beat gyms, get stronger Pokemon and stuff that unblocks paths, thwart a bad guy team, face the legendary(ies), elite four.

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