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Japan: Sega Ages Fantasy Zone coming 28th November


SEGA has announced the release date for the next game in the Sega Ages series and it is not too far away. The next game in the acclaimed Sega Ages line-up is Sega Ages Fantasy Zone and it is scheduled to be released in Japan on Thursday, 28th November. Here’s the details on the latest Sega Ages game courtesy of Siliconera:

“In Sega Ages Fantasy Zone you play as the sentient spaceship called Opa-Opa. The goal is to simply defeat enemies to collect coins. These coins are used to purchase various power-ups at the shop. As for the gameplay, it offers unique bosses with different weaknesses you must exploit to defeat.

The game offers a Coin Stock system to make it easier for those who aren’t the best at shoot ‘em ups. There are extra bosses to unlock, as well as a different mode called “Upa-Upa” where you take control of Opa-Opa’s brother and no access to shops. There’s also Time Attack mode and other features”


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