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New Super Smash Bros Ultimate event gives extra bonuses starting 6th December to celebrate anniversary


Nintendo has announced that begin 6th December you can get triple EXP and SP and you will also get Damage 50 percent per item in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The bonuses are part of a celebration celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch system. Don’t forget that this doesn’t begin until Friday, 6th December.


  1. I thought we might see some for the anniversary. What I want, though, is to learn the identity of Fighter No. 5 of the Fighters’ Pass. And then we have a whole ‘nother wave of fighters after that.

  2. I’m not gonna lie, that’s kind of lame. A tournament, or new spirits, or new announcements would be a lot more meaningful to just about everyone. Or I may just not like Spirits.

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