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Private video uploaded to Super Smash Bros YouTube playlist

With the Game Awards taking place this evening and Nintendo attending as always (presumably with something to show) speculation is rife that today is the day when the next downloadable fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be unveiled. This has heated up today as it has been discovered that a private video was uploaded to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate playlist prompting speculation that today will be the day when we find out who is next.


    1. I really hope it’s Crash because after all of the speculation and other stuff I have found I personally want him

  1. Okay. Dragon Quest is in, Resident Evil is out, Shantae is unlikely. The only rep I want left is DOOM, so hoping for that.
    I’m thinking it’ll be either a Capcom or Namco rep though, like Dante or KOS-MOS, which would also be pretty damn cool.

    1. It’s KOS-MOS fighter 5.

  2. 3 Private videos. One can be a mii costume video but I think we will get a bonus character.

  3. It’s a highlight reel of every fighter, by ascending number, KO’ing the Waluigi assist trophy.
    Of course, this reel will go all the way to fighter #75 which will be revealed to be Pink Gold Pit.

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