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TIME has named the Nintendo Switch one of the decade’s “10 Best Gadgets”

TIME is looking back at the 2010s with the decade’s 10 best gadgets, and the Nintendo Switch is one of them. TIME said that the Switch “might be Nintendo’s most important contribution to gaming yet”, and they called it “the most important video game console of the decade”. Lastly, TIME said that “its smartphone-inspired portability, paired with Nintendo’s ever-growing library of blockbuster, independent and vintage titles, makes the Switch feel like the culmination of Nintendo’s idea of what gaming should be”.


15 thoughts on “TIME has named the Nintendo Switch one of the decade’s “10 Best Gadgets””

  1. I remember in 2018 TIME named it as one of the best inventions that year.

    Looking forward to the revamp to keep the momentum and compete with the PS5 and Series X that are less than a year away.

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        But they are already doing it.

      2. Not just make good games but make games immediately. They cant afford to make a game and take 8 year break in the future. Then makena sequel. I mean they decide to come out with a less powerful system than the competition and take 8 year break period between sequels. So if the Seitch runs out of momentum by either underpowered or too long to make a sequel by doing nothing then the Switch is going to crash by the time the PS5 and Series X comes out. Because Nintendo takes too long to make games immediately.

      3. Continue making great games and definitely releases revamped Switch like a Pro which will support newer better-looking games while making existing games loads faster.

        1. Or why cant Nintendo just make games immediately and wait until 2024 for a more powerful Switch? Why rush a hardware? POKEMON Sword and Shield was rushed and people still bought it for 60 bucks with less Pokemon terrible graphics and bad animation. The problem is they take too long to work on another sequel.

          Mario Kart 9, Splatoon 3, Luigi Mansion 4, Pikmin 4, Metroid, Toad Treasure Tracker 2, Donkey Kong, Starfox.
          Where they at? I’m not worried about the hardware. The Switch is fine it’s the Nintendo devlopers who need to work on sequels immediately.

        2. They’re probably already prototyping a new innovative system with unique capabilities. Maybe they stay in a portable market for a while.

        3. You mean the PC’s masquerading as consoles? I think Nintendo will be fine until they’re ready to release either an updated Switch or the next thing due to all the great games already available, still to come and lower price point. Why assume that just because some newer consoles come out that they’re going to be wildly successful overnight and that the Switch suddenly becomes unattractive?

          1. I think it’s necessary for Nintendo to evaluate the PS5 and Xbox SeX as a marked changer. Switch was launched on the right time. Momentum for Xbox had staggered and PS4 was also considered old tech, even more now on the eve of 2019.
            If you look at Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2, it’s going to make the gap between Switch and other consoles a lot wider. One of the reasons we get third party titles in Switch is because the CPU on current gen consoles was animic even at launch.

            We got Senua’s Sacrifice on Switch, but I doubt Senua’s Saga can run on a Switch after the in engine footage we saw of the game. But then again Microsoft will launch Halo Infinite on all Xbox One consoles as well as the new gen and PC. So plenty with developers will probably do something like that for a while, making it a longer periode for Switch to be picking thirdparty titles. Still, new tech will occupy consumer interest and will almost guaranteed take some wind from the Switch sales.

          2. To be honest, they’ve been doing just fine against the PS4 and Xbox One, they keep outselling them each month. Can I take the PS5 and Xbox Series X with me on the go? No? Well then.

            I’m excited for the Xbox Series X, but it won’t replace my Switch anytime soon.

          3. Those consoles won’t hit their stride for a bit… Games for switch will sell better and are easier, more cost effective, to make… So there will be a longer grace period.

            As long as the next Switch is backwards compatible, it’ll be all good. 2022 at the earliest. Maybe 2024 at the latest, but hard to say. Nintendo is in no rush I imagine.

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