Nintendo Switch

Dauntless developers say they will utilise boost mode on Nintendo Switch

The developers behind the massively multiplayers online game Dauntless have faced some criticism regarding the game’s loading times. Taking to Reddit one of the developers has said that the team plans to utilise the boost mode function to get the load times reduced. The Dauntless team member said “Great news, it’s coming” when asked.


  1. Dauntless is about the same as Fortnite on first load, but getting into games is pretty quick once you’re in. Definitely needs some extra optimization though, the hub chugs reeeeeaaaal bad, it’s fine during hunts, but man when you’re walking around talking to npcs and collecting rings it’s real rough. Considering how much performance improves from simply removing the on screen chat, I feel like this is just one of those standard pre-optimization periods that a lot of switch ports end up having on release. Hopefully boost mode helps.


    1. Its bad on other consoles and on PC
      When there is more and more populated hubs of players; the performance drops more on average.
      On PC now, its nearly fixed.
      Now stays at around 55fps-60fps (on Ultra 1080p; gtx 1060)


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