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Bravely Default II staff “are pumped” to be working on game after huge trailer reaction

A surprise title for the Nintendo Switch which was announced at The Game Awards was Bravely Default II. Speaking recently the game’s producer Tomoya Asano and the game’s returning composer Revo thanked fans for the reaction to the news that the game is in development and they said that “People reacted so loudly that all our staff are pumped up to work on this game.” Bravely Default II is due in 2020.

“We finally were able to announce it! For those who’ve been waiting all this time, I apologize, and I’d like to thank you. People reacted so loudly that all our staff are pumped up to work on this game.”


“To all fans, I’m back. I’m happy to be able to participate in this hakoniwa-style world again. The graphics have kept that sort of warm, hand-crafted look, but in even beautiful graphics. For the music, in order to better represent the atmosphere, I’m tackling this task with all my courage.

The music used in the teaser trailer was grand orchestral music, but there are also band-style musical pieces that charges forward passionately, intricate traditional-sounding music pieces, and a wide range of music that may sound nostalgic, but also fresh at the same time.

I can only say that I hope you can play the game as soon as possible. Please look forward to it!”




    1. If Bravely Default 2 ends in a cliffhanger, maybe. If this becomes a staple, they’ll need to make every entry with a sequel in mind. Otherwise, we could see a Bravely Default 5 with a Bravely Second 3 because Bravely Default 3 & 4 didn’t get a Bravely Second which is just gonna confuse people as they’ll think Bravely Second 3 is a sequel to Bravely Default 3 when it’s actually a sequel to Bravely Default 5.

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