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New Ice Tour now live in Mario Kart Tour

The first-ever Ice Tour is now underway in Mario Kart Tour, featuring a number of winter-themed courses and characters, such as Penguin Luigi, Ice Mario and Princess Peach in a stylish suit fit for the cold weather. To catch a glimpse of what’s included as part of the latest in-game tour, check out the new trailer in the embedded video below:

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  1. This is freaking bogus mannn! These cheese puffs keep adding freaking tubular stuff to the phone-y version of Mario kart but the real deal Mario kart for the Nintendo switcheroo that has in your face cowabunga HD ultra radical graphics and far out smooth wicked physics gets no new updates!? Do these cheese Puff’s in command at Nintendo dislike printing money? 💰💸🤑🐒 What is going on? Imagine how mega huuuuuuge Mario kart for the switch would be if they were adding new content like the phone-y version. I know Mario kart for the switch is big but it could be crazy times bigger if they gave it a shock of a new life every once in a while. This is just tarrable management of a company that sits on it’s tookis looking for what’s next instead of firing all cannons at what is now. Just tarrable mannnn! More vehicles! More tracks! More battle zones? More characters! The constant new content love for the phone-y version is just insane. It’s like haw haw haw Mario kart for the Nintendo switcheroo your time in the spotlight is over. Let’s wait years until the next installment. What is freaking going on? If I ran the company I would be filling Mario kart for the switcheroo to the brim with new content. The company stock would rise higher. Money would be flowing in like water. It’s a win win situation. No doubt about it.


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