Nintendo Switch

Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle studio recruiting 3D artists to work on “a prestigious AAA title”

Ubisoft Milan, who were the team responsible for the surprisingly good Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle on the Nintendo Switch platform, are currently on a recruitment drive. The studio is looking for 3D artists to work on “a prestigious AAA title.” It is possible that it could have nothing to do with a follow up to Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, but it seems likely that Nintendo would want to see a sequel to the best-selling third party Nintendo Switch game.



  1. They should had recruited developers 3 years ago. It puzzles me after Nintendo amd Ubisoft saw that this game was the best selling 3rd party Switch game why wait 3 years to start a sequel?


    1. Why do you think they just started? The last thing they released was the Dlc to Mario&Rabbids in 2018,the devs didnt just sit around for 2 years and do nothing.

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      1. This guy always thinks developers aren’t doing anything if something isn’t announced at the time. Pay him no mind.


    1. I know I know I just want the right Nintendo worker to hear my voice so that Nintendo Directs will be better and that Sequels come sooner rather than later. The more people do this the more Nintendo will stop loafing around after a game is complete and immediately start a sequel. Look at the results of Metroid Prime 4.


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