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Japan: Nintendo announces it will no longer service the original Wii

The Wii was a phenomenal success gaining a foothold in the mainstream and was a great comeback for the Kyoto-based company after the beloved GameCube. Nintendo has announced today in Japan that it will no longer be servicing the original Wii which launched back in 2006. The notice put out by Nintendo states that is in regard to model RVL-001 (all colour variations). The reason for this move is because the company no longer produce the parts required for a repair. Nintendo hasn’t mentioned the west as of yet.

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9 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo announces it will no longer service the original Wii”

  1. That’s a shame. Well hopefully the Switch will one day replace the Wii in hospitals & such that use it for patients & their families. Switch is probably better suited for it, anyway, since digital downloads for all games is a thing unlike the Wii where only virtual console & Wii Shop Channel stuff was digital.

  2. Probably the system with the best aesthetic and themes. Almost everything was iconic right from the start… the console/controller design, menus, Miis, games/apps, OS, music.
    The Switch is unfortunately the opposite in most of those above. :(

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