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Japan: Here are the latest Famitsu review scores

A new edition of Famitsu, a Japanese video gaming magazine, has been released. There are a grand total of 9 games that have been reviewed this week, including Hatsune Miku Project Diva Mega39’s, a Nintendo Switch title. The next Miku title got a 32 out of 40, but To The Moon’s 33 score is the highest of the bunch. Feel free to check out a list all of this week’s Famitsu review scores down below.

  • To The Moon 9-8-8-8=33/40
  • Hatsune Miku PD Mega39s: All-8=32/40
  • Death end re;quest 2: All-8=32/40
  • Kunai: All-8=32/40
  • Degrees of Separation 8-8-8-7=31/40
  • Real Time Shogi 7-8-7-8=30/40
  • Bookbound: All-7=28/40
  • Jewel Wars 6-7-8-6=27/40
  • Juggernauts 6-7-7-7=27/40


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