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Atlus survey on potential Nintendo Switch ports sets record high numbers

You may have seen last week that Atlus quizzed Japanese Twitter users about which games of theirs they would like to appear on the Nintendo Switch. Atlus reported today on Twitter that the survey had a record number of participants and that the number of respondents exceeded the company’s expectations. Hopefully something will come of this in the future.

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  1. I suspect that they already planned to bring games to the Switch, and this was their method of generating excitement about it.

    They focus on Japanese games, and Switch is now far and away the console of Japan. It was only a matter of time.

    1. To be honest they do these surveys a lot and you see pretty much the same thing: people asking for ports on other platforms like Switch and PC.

      In the end we just get more surveys, nothing more.

      I would keep my expectations extremely low.

    1. Same I dont want to pack out my PS4 again and I revently even revisited older Persona games on my PsVita and its really enjoyable. Lets hope they port the older ones as well gor those that didnt play it

    1. They’ve shown interest before in the past.
      Of course I agree with your statement but I’m hopeful.
      Maybe that’s just the me that doesnt have time to sit at home and finish P5 on the PS4.
      Im even fine with it coming to the Vita.

      1. I mean, a P5 port was highly requested, before Sega shot the idea down. Nintendo users still wait for SMTV (which I find hard to believe it’s still in development due to the awful silence about it). They know fans want their games on Switch, the idea of “making a survey in order to gauge fan interest” sounds ridiculous.

        1. I wholeheartedly agree with you.
          Probably they were just doing the survey to convince the higher-ups that people actually want the game on switch and would buy it.
          So with that they can calculate the costs and earnings they do with the port/ports.
          It’s not unheard of but still very scummy.

  2. It feels like they already have a few games lined up for release on Switch.

    There’s no way W101 would be ready by April if they haven’t started the porting development well in advance.

    The poll results should help them prioritize what to release next. Fingers crossed for Persona 5R.

  3. If P5R comes to Switch, I’ll buy it.
    I’m not gonna pay another $60 for it on PS4 when I still have the original. But I’d pay again for a Switch version, if only for the handheld option. It’d be perfectly suited for it.

  4. Sony kinda marketed the bajeebies out of p5 so I guess they want to keep it exclusive on some politics? P5r on switch would cause me to walk into traffic on period. We need this !!!

  5. Jesus Christ, they don’t need a survey, they know very well what exactly people want ported to Switch.

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