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Japan: Nintendo Switch sells out at the My Nintendo Store due to coronavirus fears

Japanese consumers have been buying up Nintendo Switch consoles due to Chinese production fears due to the coronavirus. The hybrid console sold out recently on the official My Nintendo Store where hardware was widely available. Note that it’s only the Nintendo Switch system and not the Switch Lite, which is still available at the time of writing.


18 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo Switch sells out at the My Nintendo Store due to coronavirus fears”

    1. The system is produced in China. The coronavirus is rife and is affecting production, and as more people potentially fall ill, production will be dry. Nintendo is already anticipating stock shortages of the Animal Crossing edition Switch system.

  1. I have a hard time believing that the coronavirus is only on par with the flu when borders are being closed and companies are losing millions due to the scare. Either a lot of people are overreacting, or there’s cover-up being done to prevent hysteria.

    1. The Flu has preventative measures you can take, such as getting an vaccine before Flu season and is only fatal well under 0.1% of the time, whereas Coronavirus doesn’t have a vaccine or cure and is fatal to a little over 2% of the people that contract the illness. Also Japan has one of the highest case rates outside China so they probably have more of an understanding of how bad it is.

  2. Ultra Instinct Grandma Super Saiyan Green Evolution

    I legit do not understand any of this. Can someone explain how the coronavirus makes japanese people buy nintendo switch to the point where the nintendo store selling out?

    1. Lmao, I really thought people rush to buy it so they can stay inside and play games to avoid the virus. But the Admin explained it. lolol

  3. To the people above, or anyone thinking of posting something similar – It’s not very hard to understand that if people were planning on getting a Switch for say a huge game like animal crossing, but are then told that production would be affected because of the virus, they would make sure that they got one as soon as possible.

  4. It’s such a sad situation that’s spiralling.
    For anyone that doesn’t fully understand, China is a huge part of the development of so many products ( remember all those toy cars etc with made in China stamped on the back of them).
    With businesses shutting and people scared to go out and more and more people being diagnosed you can understand the Knock on effect it’s going to have on the country as a whole. China is hugely important for the world and hopefully they can eliminate this virus and come up with a vaccine not just for China, but for everywhere so normality can be brought back.
    If your unlucky enough to not receive your animal crossing bundle when it’s released, just spare a thought for the people that have died.

    1. Hopefully companies will go back to manufacturing outside of China. Things like this is exactly why we can’t rely on outsourcing to a single country. Especially one as crowded and halfassed about safety and hygiene as China.

  5. Foxconn factory is affected, even Apple has to move the new iPhone SE models to a later date.

    Japan buys things up, to resell later on when Animal crossing is a thing and production is low.

    It’s just resellers in this case. Taking a gamble if Animal crossing will be hype and factories will be low on hardware.

    Everyone at Foxconn is already back to work.

    You are insane to buy the old 2017 model if you don’t play on tv whole time.
    The lite is way better, in your hand, feels, looks.
    It’s so compact and together with the original Flip case it’s amazing easily to pick up and take with you everywhere.

    That’s it, let me know if one of you guys get sick.


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