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Samurai Jack video game heading to Nintendo Switch


Fans of Samurai Jack will be excited to learn that there’s a brand new video game adventure to embark on this summer for the Nintendo Switch system. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is a clean looking hack and slasher and is developed by Japanese developer, Soleil Games. The script for the video game is written by head writer Darrick Bachman, so you are in good hands. Take a look at the debut trailer in the tweet below.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is set before Jack’s final fight with Aku, an evil entity that trapped Jack in alternate timelines throughout human history. Jack will have to fight through several different timelines in order to reach Aku and defeat him.


  1. Well…. shit. It kinda looks awesome. I was hoping for it to keep the cartoon style but the 3D isn’t bad at all. I’m very happy to see Jack once again making a splash in the videogame scene.

  2. Like dhhcgg and reeleemee said, they should’ve gone with a cel shaded look, to look more like the cartoon. I’m glad for the many fans of this show, though! Looks like it could be a cool game.

  3. I was waiting it for a long time good to hear that our childhood’s most loved hero samurai Jack is coming once a again. You can check ( for any kind of action figures of samurai Jack or any other characters who made our childhood awesome.

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