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Platinum Games next title is a multiplatform hero game

Details have started to merge regarding Platinum Games next title via Famitsu. It is titled Project GG and is fully owned by the company and will also be self published. Platinum says it is their third hero title after Viewtiful Joe and The Wonderful 101, which is also getting a remaster. Here’s what we know so far about Project GG.

  • First game Platinum owns the IP of 100% and are self-publishing.
  • Game challenges and is completely different than anything they’ve made before, they want to exceed and betray expectations
  • Says “Viewtiful Joe is a transformative hero like Kamen Rider”, “Wonderful 101 is a hero squadron”, “GG is a huge hero.”
  • Goal is to have 100 people working on it, 15 people actively working on it now but team is expanding.
  • They had offers to fund and publish the game, but they wanted to self-publish and own the rights to the game.
  • Say the last two games of the Platinum 4 are new projects, the fourth and last one is a huge secret that is something “very interesting”.



  1. Please dont tell me this is the official announcement. Just to tell us they working on a multiplatform game. But then why complain at least Platinum told us something unlike Quientendo…

    Quietendo. I like it it fits.


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