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Fire Emblem developer Intelligent Systems has been silently growing



Siliconera is reporting that Fire Emblem developer Intelligent Systems has silently been growing since the release of Fire Emblem Awakening on the Nintendo 3DS system. the established company now has 169 employees. Before the release of Fire Emblem Awakening the company only had 130 employees. Here’s how the company’s role breakdown looks in 2020.

  • Graphic Designers – 68
  • Programmers – 63
  • Planners (Designers) – 14
  • Sound Creators – 10
  • Hardware Engineers – 4
  • General Affairs/Accounting/Sales – 10



6 thoughts on “Fire Emblem developer Intelligent Systems has been silently growing”

  1. They deserved the growth since Three Houses was AMAZING!!! Best story, music, characters, gameplay, etc… imo out of any Fire Emblem game I’ve played! I even prefer it now overall to the combined duology of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn (Ike’s games which were my previous favorites for the things I liked three houses for).

    1. Staff growth is not necessarily a positive. Staff growth means higher payroll which means more money out the door. Sales growth is what you would want to see as a reward for good work.

      Unfortunately the Fire Emblem series hasn’t really seen any sales growth in the last several years.

      This means that the staff growth is a *problem* as they are becoming less profitable rather than more profitable.

  2. They’re making Nintendo’s best games, so that would be deserving. Hope their priorities lies in giving more HD 3D graphics competence, since they’ve been relying on Koei Tecmo a lot lately for that very reason.

  3. Very cool.

    Since Koei Tecmo did most of Three Houses, hopefully they’ve been making good use of their time and making an engine for Switch game.

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