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Lara Croft joins Brawlhalla


While the engrossing Super Smash Bros Ultimate may have taken its limelight, Ubisoft is putting up a good fight with its fighter, Brawlhalla. The company recently announced that Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise will be joining the battle as part of a new event taking place in-game. Check out the treasure hunter in action, below.

12 thoughts on “Lara Croft joins Brawlhalla”

  1. Well, I never play Brawlhalla but some fans who is a fan of her series, wants her in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But, i don’t know what her movements and her smash attacks will be in the game.

    1. It would count on which version of Lara they go for. If it’s her old character, think of a less magical inbetween of Bayo and Joker based around dual pistols. If it was her newer iteration, think of a set up character between Snake and Villager who has a Bow.

      1. Well as far as I can tell, I believe they will go for her tomb raider anniversary appearance on Nintendo Wii or tomb raider legends appearance instead. Her skills ls more in to combat in some of her games.

  2. I was thinking the other day how (Classic) Lara would be a fun addition to Smash as another SE character, so this is at least something. Still would like to see Gex return in a fighting game of some sort since he would essentially be MvC3 Deadpool with his quips.

  3. *tsk* First Eidos’ Heath Smith says the Switch “isn’t the right fit for Tomb Raider” and now we see Lara’s first time on the platform in a non-TR related game. I don’t understand. I’ve been having a blast with the Witcher 3, AC: Black Flag, Saints Row the Third.. It really FEELS like there’s a gap, a whole that only Tomb Raider can fill in. Does that guy have any idea what he’s talking about? Might as well just be sincere and came out with something in the lines of “Oh well, we made some ports for the WiiU and they didn’t meet our expectations.. plus we don’t really want to hire a software engineer to make our engine work on ARM for now.”
    Just make the damn port of Tomb Raider – yeah, the 2013 one that you guys are selling for mere dimes on Steam right now – tag it $24,99, let the cash roll in and it’ll prove you wrong.

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