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Japan: Nintendo Switch lifetime sales have now surpassed Wii lifetime sales



The Nintendo Switch has already proven to be more popular than the legendary Wii in Japan according to the latest Famitsu figures. The Wii managed lifetime sales of 12.75 million while the Nintendo Switch has now achieved a total of 12,801,222 sales. This means that Nintendo Switch has now outsold the Wii’s lifetime sales in just three years.



  1. Dang I knew this would happen, but I didn’t think it’ll be this quick, wish I could go back in time when the switch was first introduce and people thought the system was dead on arrival, doom, and would never reach the sales of the wii.

  2. Wait, are these numbers just for Japan? World wide the Wii has sold just over 100 million units, I’d be stunned if Switch already did that.

    1. Just Japan. I looked it up and it’s sold 50 million so far as of early Feb, but people stuck in quarantine is helping sales. Right now it’s at $550 due to the demand.

  3. While this is impressive, this is in Japan only as far as lifetime sales. Maybe next year folks…

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