US: Nintendo donates 9,500 face masks to the emergency services


Nintendo of America has helped US health workers and patients by donating 9,500 highly requested N95 Particulate Respirator face masks. The company said that they had them for emergency preparedness planning but conceded that they were best used to help the health workers with the dreadful coronavirus pandemic in America and the rest of the world. The N95 Particulate Respirator masks were donated to emergency services in North Bend, Washington.

“This crisis is unprecedented. The safety and security of community members is paramount in our daily mission. The communities served by City of North Bend and Eastside Fire and Rescue deeply appreciate the generous donation from Nintendo.”

  • A statement from the City of North Bend



  1. I think Intel gave 1 million or something. Good to see companies helps out. In Norway it wasn’t voluntary though. Every company had to give everything. And we’re still out of face masks soon :/

    1. I don’t know the law over there. Here, the government has to compensate you for any property they proclaim theirs by necessity. Usually means they just don’t bother, as if you’re paying for it anyway, you can usually buy them without issuing a government edict.

      Nintendo of America is close to me here in Western Washington, and they’ve been very loyal to the local area ever since Nintendo first entered the American market and Seattle was receptive and accomodating. They even bought our baseball team to force them to stay here.

      1. They get compensated fully here. It’s not like it’s confiscated or anything. It just that the hospitals needs it the most and they’re already almost empty. Stupid government has been reactive instead of proactive. Now we’re just stuck in this situation because no one was prepared.

  2. A multi-billion dollar company donates masks that probably cost them no more than $500. This is more showing that they don’t care than showing that they care!

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