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The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch sold 700k+ units in less than 3 months

It would appear as though the Nintendo Switch port of the impressive The Witcher 3 has been a success for the team at CD Projekt Red. The lengthy RPG has shifted an impressive 700,000+ units on Nintendo’s latest platform in less than three months. The title was also given a boost on all platforms due to the Netflix series.


  1. Impressive, goes to show some in depth ‘mature’ games can do well on Nintendo platforms. It is a bit of a shame that Rockstar aren’t considering getting a GTA game up and running on the machine, I think even an enhanced port of GTA 4 would be welcomed.

  2. Shoot, I’d take a port of GTA 2 or Chinatown Wars. Chinatown was real fun, and the birdseye view works for a portable.

    Good to see mature games selling. With RE4 and Witcher 3 selling on Switch, can’t use “too violent” for an excuse. Now the only excuse is “too big” to come to Switch, but again, Witcher 3 is a huge game.

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