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Japan: Animal Crossing: New Horizons physical sales surpass Pokemon Sword & Shield

The Famitsu charts were published yesterday and many of you noticed that Animal Crossing: New Horizons physical sales in the land of the rising sun have surpassed those of Pokemon Sword & Shield. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold 3,611,246 and the latest Pokemon adventure has sold 3.5 million. The next game for Animal Crossing: New Horizons to beat is Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch which has sold 3.65 million physical copies.


9 thoughts on “Japan: Animal Crossing: New Horizons physical sales surpass Pokemon Sword & Shield”

  1. It’s really been a great game to have during the pandemic crisis.
    Hmm… It’s interesting. If Pokemon had been delayed to polish it up… Would it have sold more during the pandemic as well?

    1. I would be surprised if it exceeds Pokémon’s sales globally.

      And you’re right Pokemon felt like a half cooked game.

      1. That is why I did not buy it. Judging by people’s comments about Sword and Shield. And most say the story sucked. I’ll just buy it when it goes on sale.

    2. If it was released in the spot animal crossing was, yeah probably. Pretty sure any big name nintendo game would be getting these kind of sales had they released in the perfectly timed spot that ACNH did.

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