Nintendo says there has been 160,000 unauthorised log-ins of Nintendo Accounts

Nintendo has confirmed today what many had suspected, 160,000 Nintendo Accounts were accessed by third parties this month. Nintendo recently advised consumers via Twitter to start using two-factor authentication and at the same time reports had started coming in via social media that users accounts had been compromised.

Nintendo has said that these accounts were accessed via Nintendo Network IDs. The company has now disabled logging in to a Nintendo Account via Nintendo Network ID and has emailed those affected to ask them to change their password. Japanese Nintendo says that things such as nickname, date of birth, country / region, email address, and gender could all be affected. However, Nintendo says credit card information remains unaffected.

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  1. For anyone that is scared / paranoid
    I’m pretty sure that if someone accesses your account you’ll get a notification per E-Mail.
    I know since I’ve played some Nintendo Mobile games and got a notification when I linked my nintendo account.

  2. No one accessed my account because I just bought on digital Trails of Mana. Now I got to buy a more gigs because it is a big X on the titles telling me it is not enough memory. Damn. I knew i should had bought the physical copy. Why didnt Nintendo THINK about this when NX was in R&D? Didnt they learn off the Wii U? That was stupid.

    1. It’s so people who only buy physical games don’t have to pay more for included storage that they’re never going to use. It’s not that hard to go get yourself a microSD card.

    1. They be stupid to hack into my account I only use gift cards or eShop credit to get my games and there the exact amount of the game I want, the only thing they’ll be spending on my account is a cent, I do however hope they get caught in the act because 160,000 seems so outrageous

      1. Same here. I used them as well. But, the only thing they can used on my accounts is a cent. I will be dammed if they used all of my funds to buy random games that i don’t want. Good thing i have a piece of cent’s left. 160.000 accounts is almost 200.000 accounts.

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