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The Switch now has the best-selling titles for 10 IPs, including Smash, Zelda, Splatoon, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing & more

It has been said many times over the past few years, but Nintendo‘s latest console has been a massive success. Just about every single franchise that has seen a new release on the Switch has seen sales records. As of today, Nintendo has now seen 10 IPs reach new heights on the Switch. Super Smash Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing and Xenoblade Chronicles have experienced their best-selling titles on the Nintendo Switch. Unsurprisingly, the Mario franchise as a whole has seen the most success, with its main IPs and spinoff IPs selling well. 3D Mario saw its best selling title, along with Luigi’s Mansion, Mario Party and Mario Kart.

As for Pokemon, Pokemon Sword and Shield aren’t the best-selling Pokemon games, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been successful. With 17,370,000 units sold, Pokemon Sword and Shield is about to overtake Diamond and Pearl for the third-best Pokemon games released in the series, an achievement that Diamond and Pearl have held for over a decade. There are only 2 generations of Pokemon mainline games that will have done better Pokemon Red and Blue, which sold 31,370,000 units, and Gold and Silver, which sold 23,100,000. With the first Sword and Shield DLC about to release in June, it’s all but inevitable that Pokemon Sword and Shield will be making some sales milestones of its own.

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  1. Amazing although Mario Karts best selling game is the Wii version with 37 million +. 8 Deluxe is second with 24 million just ahead of DS on 23.

  2. I curious, what was the best selling 3D Mario game since Mario 64 and this generation? I would like to see a list from best selling to worst selling.

    1. Super Mario Galaxy was the best selling 3D Mario game since Mario 64, of course.

      The list is as follows:
      1.Super Mario Odyssey
      2.Super Mario Galaxy
      3.Super Mario 3D Land
      4.Super Mario 64
      5.Super Mario 64 DS
      6.Super Mario Galaxy 2
      7.New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
      8.Super Mario Sunshine
      9.Super Mario: 3D World
      10.New Super Mario Bros. U


      1. “What!!!! Super Mario 3D Land outside Sunshine? Klungo get over here and take that golden piece of mines”

        Sunshine bombed, as were virtually all the Gamecube veresions of the IPs.

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