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VentureBeat: Rumoured Mass Effect Trilogy could eventually come to Switch

Venture Beat writer Jeff Grub has revealed that EA and BioWare are working on a remastered version of the Mass Effect trilogy for consoles. It is likely to come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC first and possibly the next-gen console. However, Grub says that it could eventually come to the Nintendo Switch at some point. EA and BioWare have yet to announce that they’re developing a remastered version of the Mass Effect Trilogy.

5 thoughts on “VentureBeat: Rumoured Mass Effect Trilogy could eventually come to Switch”

  1. Cool if it does come but really they should be making sure that a Switch version comes out at least the same time as the others

  2. It isn’t complicated to understand why that rumor is actually true and why EA are doing it.
    As this generation of console’s sales tend to decrease and the next one will take some time to “warm up” in terms of sales (especially if you take into account the COVID-19 and its impact on the production of videogame consoles), EA is just moving their sh –ops, I mean games– to the platform that’s doing great right now, and that’s the Switch.
    Even better, they can just remaster their sixth/seventh-gen games and sell them as brand new on the Switch and people will buy, others will wait for a sale, but the money rolls in while they’re doing next to nothing, just porting or remastering their own franchises.
    You might be wondering, “well if it works like that, then why aren’t the other softwarehouses (like Activision) following?”
    If I could guess, I think Activision is playing the waiting game. They let EA go first to test the water and if their ports do well, then they might follow. This might not work for Rockstar though, as the company saw success outside of the Nintendo platform and GTA V still makes it to top 20/top 10 every so often, so why would they bother?

  3. I’ve been waiting for that since the switch came out. Since I recently bought a decent laptop that can run those games I’m debating whether I should just get it on my laptop instead. I just hate dealing with configuring performance when it comes to PC and the amount of battery drain running games does so I would take a switch version any day if it has stable performance.

  4. meh.

    I’m getting quite sick of all the porting of gen 7 games.
    Is that what we can expect from next generation as well, selling the same games over and over again, now with just more pixels and anything that might upset someone removed from them?

    Or maybe I’m just getting old, complaining how the things I enjoyed used to be better was something I could often hear from my grandpa.

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