Nintendo Switch

Paper Mario: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch download size is 6.5GB

The newly revealed Paper Mario: The Origami King for the Nintendo Switch system is 6.5GB. The game is available to pre-order now from either the Nintendo Switch eShop or your favourite retailer. Paper Mario: The Origami King will be released on Friday, 17th July!



  1. Ok after looking into this game more I’ve changed my mind, it does look kinda cool.

    Partners are back, no more items to attack but actual battle commands, audience members return, coins used to buy more time instead of a coin roulette (which is more rng based) like in previous games, story looks wayyyy better than last two games….

    Looks pretty good.

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    1. Not really because small games in size don’t mean it’s short in gameplay. CoD at 150gb don’t mean it’s as long as FF XV which is also 150gb.

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      1. I said I know it does not mean anything xD I just pointed it out that it is similar to Color Splash in one aspect, and even if it is just a file size… I hope it is not too similar to Color Splash in other ways.


      1. Jesus … Hell … i hope its not a joke and they teas us with that to inform that a Metroid is comming and i hope the Prime Trilogy :-)


    1. Yes we do, and if you lift the rock all the way up you’ll also see that online updates, and download content also exists, oh and you can play online with get this people all over the world it’s so cool dude you’ll love it.

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  2. I never played Color Splash but they way people talk about it in a negative way makes me want to buy a used copy to see for myself.

    The most I see on comments is the story is good but it doesnt have that traditional RPG play like the 1st game did. I hope Origami King has that RPG play like the Paper Mario on N64 did.

    I got hooked on RPG by demos of Bravely Default 2 and Trails of Mana.

    Now I’m hooked to RPGs action or non action doesnt matter.


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