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Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass news coming tomorrow, 2nd June

Update: It has been announced that The Isle of Armor will be released Wednesday, 17th June.

The Pokemon Company has announced via Twitter that they will be revealing further details about the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass tomorrow. The company will be talking about The Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra at 10pm JST, which is 6am PT / 2pm BST. We shall of course be publishing the information once it is revealed. So far the first Expansion is due to be released some time at the end of June, but we should get a firm date tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass news coming tomorrow, 2nd June”

  1. Leaks are important to me. I wish I knew about the waifu Klara sooner. Now I am stuck with boring Avery. I regret buying shield instead of sword. I wish isle of armor had all the Kanto and Johto legendary pokemon usable because I can transfer them from red, silver and ultra moon but they are trapped in pokemon home. #KlaraIsBetterThanAvery

  2. Pass- the base game isn’t even that engaging. I’m only continuing to play Shield to help my coworkers with Sword get the exclusives from my version.

    That is, when those Pokemon decide to actually show up in the wild.

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