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Pokemon Sword & Shield leak has revealed 21 new moves coming in Expansion Pass

Dataminers have been hard at work investigating the new update for Pokemon HOME on iOS and Android. They have now discovered 21 new moves that will be coming to the upcoming Expansion Pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield which is scheduled for launch next month on Nintendo Switch. As Comic Book points out we don’t know which Pokemon will learn them. Here’s the 21 new moves discovered:

  • Expanding Force
  • Steel Roller
  • Scale Shot
  • Meteor Beam
  • Shell Side Arm
  • Misty Explosion
  • Grassy Glide
  • Rising Voltage
  • Terrain Pulse
  • Skitter Smack
  • Burning Jealousy
  • Lash Out
  • Poltergeist
  • Corrosive Gas
  • Coaching
  • Flip Turn
  • Triple Axel
  • Dual Wingbeat
  • Scorching Sands
  • Jungle Healing
  • Wicked Blow
  • Surging Strikes


11 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword & Shield leak has revealed 21 new moves coming in Expansion Pass”

    1. I doubt it. Most of those are purposefully given very goofy name. These are fairly reserved in contrast.

  1. Klara is better than Avery

    I wish pokemon home would let me transfer all my red, silver, omega ruby, y and moon legendaries to shield. It’s gonna be a long wait. I don’t like Avery. I wanted Klara instead. Sword players are lucky to get another waifu character. I dislike Avery because it means Klara won’t even get a minor role on pokemon shield.

      1. Version exclusive trainers should not have been a thing in gen 8. I played games where Maxie (ruby), Drayden (black) and Mallow (moon) do big things but their counterparts Archie, Iris, and Kiawe get at least a minor role. I pray the dlc will at least give Bea and Klara a minor role on shield because I don’t want them completely excluded from pokemon shield. Bea should have given me the revenge TM in Ballonlea town in a random house.

    1. old moves, Z moves, mega evolve, all the pokemon……

      that said….i could totally see this being just the first DLC. could see a second season of DLC.

  2. Kinda sad they are charging $30 for DLC. It better be worth it considering you can buy 900 pokemon for $10………
    The amount of effort it would take me to get all of these legitimately isn’t even worth it. I would rather just enjoy the game.

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  4. Jazz inna house bored inna house

    Sword is the better version. At first it was even with Bea and Melony both being fine but Avery is garbage which makes Klara a free point for Sword. #KlaraGoodAveryHorrible

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