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Japan: SEGA celebrates its 60th anniversary

SEGA is celebrating a very special occasion today and that is the company’s 60th anniversary. The company was founded on 3rd June 1960 by Martin Bromley and Richard Stewart. It wasn’t until the downturn in the arcade business which happened in the early 1980s that the company decided to enter the video game console space with the SG-1000 and Master System. SEGA recently launched its special 60th anniversary site and Famitsu will be posting ‘Revolutionary’ SEGA news, so keep an eye on the company over the next few days. Happy 60th anniversary SEGA!

3 thoughts on “Japan: SEGA celebrates its 60th anniversary”

  1. Wait a minute…. That says GO SEGA, not 60 SEGA.

    And that one journalist was talking about a huge scoop he has on Sega…

    It think I’ve got it…. Sega is announcing an AR smartphone game called SONIC GO where you catch Sonic or chao or some sh*t.


    1. Ha, doubtful :D

      It could be some kind of streaming service or something. This is simply based on the patent and people’s comments, but I really have no idea! Looking forward to finding out :)

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