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Video: Pokemon Sword & Shield The Isle of Armor DLC launches on 17th June

Update:Post updated with English trailer.

The official Japanese Pokemon account has tweeted that the first downloadable content pack for Pokemon Sword & Shield, which is titled Isle of Armor, will be arriving on Wednesday, 17th June. This is the first part of the Expansion Pass which includes two downloadable content packs, The Isle of Amor and The Crown Tundra. Now that the first piece of DLC has been given a firm release date, we shall now have to wait a little while longer for a date for The Crown Tundra, which is listed for this fall. Check out the new Japanese trailer for the Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass DLC below!

10 thoughts on “Video: Pokemon Sword & Shield The Isle of Armor DLC launches on 17th June”

  1. BatmanDoflamingoFireEmblemRobin11

    I’ll try to keep my complaints reasonable:

    1. I wish I had Klara instead of Avery.
    2. I have to wait until Crowned tundra to transfer my other previous gen legendary pokemon to shield. I have some from red, silver, omega ruby. y and moon. I was only able to transfer Mewtwo, Virizion, Silvally, Lunala, and Necrozma. I need to be able to transfer more. I can’t use my Articuno, Lugia, Latios, Heatran, Tornadus, or Yveltal yet.
    3. Hop keeps Zacian instead of giving it to me.
    4. I don’t know the technical machines that Urshifu and Calyrex can learn.

    But I’m glad to see Krookodile, Talonflame, and Exeggutor come back.

    1. To be entirely fair, Zacian and Zamazenta are the major version exclusives, so receiving both no matter which game you played would seem a bit silly. However, I’m glad to see someone with some complaints that aren’t just accusations of gamefreak!

      1. I hope crowned tundra lets us get the opposite wolf like black/white 2 gave us the opposite dragon.

  2. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

    Ok so nothing new from the previous reveal besides the slowbro design and returning Pokémon.. cool? I’m tired of Gamefreak never giving enough information for recent stuff, they expect us to buy it blind like all their new products- just like SWSH. I’m going to pass on this

    1. I would have gotten sword instead if isle of armor leaked last year. Not a fan of Avery. I wanted Klara.

    1. I want Camerupt too. I have the quiet Camerupt and the adamant Sharpedo from ORAS battle resort.

  3. I wish Zacian, Zamazenta, Bea, Melony, and Klara were on one game. Catchable with their sword and shield able to be used. #KlaraIsBetterThanAvery

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