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VentureBeat: Nintendo had 264,900,000 TV ad impressions from mid-May to mid-June

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New data on video gaming television advertising has been released by and VentureBeat. This data is for a 30-day period that began on May 16th and ended on June 15th. VentureBeat says that, compared to the previous 30-day period, “PlayStation overtook Nintendo as the most-seen brand, and together the two accounted for nearly 80% of the industry’s total TV ad impressions”. As for that previous 30-day period, “the gaming industry saw a 22.26% decline in total ad impressions from mid-May to mid-June vs. mid-April to mid-May”.

Although Sony’s Playstation was number one with television ad impressions, Nintendo is at second place. According to VentureBeat, Nintendo “aired 15 ads over 1,700 times, resulting in 264,900,000 million TV ad impressions. The top commercial by impressions (51,100,000) was ‘How We Play: Mario Kart 8,’ promoting the Switch. SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, and Big City Greens were three of the top shows by impressions; top networks included Nick, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network”.


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