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Short Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time video footage released

A short snippet of the upcoming new Crash Bandicoot game Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time has found its way online ahead of the game’s official reveal. The reveal of the game takes place today, Monday 22nd June at 8am PT / 4pm BST. We know the game is definitely coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and are just awaiting confirmation of the Switch version. We should find out what’s happening today.



  1. Why would they release these games at the end of a console’s life cycle over the Switch when they see that the hybrid console have a greater chance of making the most revenue off the Switch because of its hybrid with an install base of 58 to 60millilon. Now that’s just stupid.

    Also they need to immediately start the 5th sequel and dont wait 20 years or longer to decide the 5th sequel. look how long it took for the 4th. Place it on consoles that’s getting an upgrade this year. Yeah that makes perfect sense and dont release it in a console that can go another 2 years before it gets an upgrade .

    1. Double dip… They did the same with crash and spyro remakes so now they’ll make you buy on ps4/xbox one and later on Switch. It’s activision what did you expect?

  2. Also if the fanbase really are enjoying “The Last of Us 2” then the developers need to immediately start on “The Last of Us 3” immediately. Why? Because if it took them 7 years to make the sequel and that’s longer than a whole console’s life cycle going into the next. People dont want to have to pay $500 each sequel to play it all the time. Sometimes it would be nice to just pay $69.99 for a sequel.

    These developers are getting slower and slower and slower with sequels.

    I already know I’m going to have to pay $400 to play Pikmin 4 .

    Doesnt it take adversge developer 3 to 5 years to make a game be a master piece?

  3. Teams get burned out in this demanding industry. They don’t need to start immediately on Crash 5 or Last of Us 3, especially before seeing sales and getting feedback from fans. Wanting continuous sequels? I don’t want quick cash grabs from my favorite artists, but at the same time understand they need to make money, idk.

    How about a vacation, or let the team work on something they haven’t been seeing in their sleep for the past few years? They need to think of new ideas for a sequel, takes time, takes going out and living their lives. How can they make a great Last of Us 3 if their only inspiration right now is Last of Us 2? I want to see cool new ideas, not just derivative rehashes. Yea 7 or 6 years is a bit much for a successful franchise, but I think I’d take 1 Game of the Year contender every 6 years than 2 decent games every 3…I think.

  4. Also, why is “DIC” underlined in the promo sheet?

    “It’s DIC Time”?

    Never played a Crash game, am I missing something here with this marketing or misinterpreting the underlines?

  5. Crash never called Nintendo his home. So it’s expected that it’s not coming on Switch.

    Only recently did we get the trilogy on Switch.

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