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Samurai Shodown DLC character announcement tomorrow, 23rd June (looks like Warden from For Honour)

SNK has announced via Twitter that they will be unveiling a new downloadable content character for Samurai Shodown tomorrow on Tuesday, 23rd June during the New Game+ Expo. The character will be the final DLC character from Season 2. The teaser image unveiled by the company appears to show Warden who is from Ubisoft’s For Honour series which made its debut on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2017.



  1. I thought I would be covered when I bought 2 Fighter pass on Dragon Ball FighterZ. Turned the game on and in the character select screen I saw promotion for the third fighter pass. I just uninstalled the game at that moment. I understand we can’t get new characters for free forever, but I get so tired of all these passes. 1 is fine. 2 is okey (in Smash I fond this positive), but 3… I mean, I get it… but…


  2. Pretty dumb pick. For Honor is online only isnt it? Kind of stupid to pick a character to be added from something that will have such a short shelf life and isnt a character from a game that can consistently go back to played in the future.


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