EU: Nintendo adds three more games to Double Gold Points Fest line-up


You can now earn double gold points when you buy Fire Emblem: Three Houses, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Dr Kwashima’s Brain Training from the Nintendo Switch eShop. Gold points are used to discount the price of future purchases so if you’ve had your eyes on the titles mentioned, then now may be the time to buy. Every Thursday until 30th July, Nintendo is adding more games that qualify for the promotion so keep a lookout to see if any games that you’re interested in crop up.


  1. It’s so weird to me that Brain Age is still EU- and Japan-exclusive after so long. I would’ve definitely bought the game if it was out here in the US and had this promotion

  2. Essentially, pay 49.99 and save about 5 on your next download.
    Kind of silly (and minuscule) honestly haha. Just make the game 5 off

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