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Let’s Sing Queen coming to Nintendo Switch on 2nd October


For those Nintendo Switch owners wanting more party-type games in their living room, then Let’s Sing Queen could well be your answer to your Karaoke needs. It’s been announced that the new title will be released on 2nd October; the news came directly from Ravenscourt and developer Voxler today. As with previous Let’s Sing outings, players can use a microphone to sing along to their heart’s content to their favourite tracks and, in this case, singers can enjoy a whole host of Queen classics. If you don’t have enough microphones, players can use their smartphones instead.

Here’s some more info:

Enjoy six different game modes, including:

  • Classic: Go solo or with friends and hit the right notes to crack the high score.
  • Feat.: Teamwork is key! Join a friend or even team up with Freddie Mercury in single-player mode. The better your voices match, the higher the compatibility score.
  • World Contest: Climb to the top of the leaderboard by challenging friends or another singer online.
  • Mix Tape 2.0: Each medley in this innovative game mode is a dynamically generated mix.
  • Jukebox: Sit back and enjoy a list of songs.
  • Let’s Party: Two teams with up to four players each and only one mic per team face off in randomly chosen game modes.


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