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Samurai Shodown free DLC character Gongsun Li revealed

The free downloadable content character for the classic fighting game Samurai Shodown, which is available now on Nintendo Switch, has been revealed today by SNK. The character is Gongsun Li from the popular smartphone title Honour of Kings. You’ll be able to obtain the new playable character on Wednesday, 5th August. See her in action in the video in the tweet below.

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  1. I “bought” the north America version on Amazon, I ended up with I don’t know what region but it’s either Chinese or Hong Kong but it has an English option and I’m able to access the Japanese eShop. I don’t know if I should buy the Japanese DLC or Hong Kong DLC because as I said I don’t know what region it is but the cover is Chinese. If I knew I was going to be getting that version I would have imported it though it would have been more pricey so I guess their mistake is a win for me.

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