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Nintendo is taking down hacked dream islands

The second summer update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch is live and with it comes the ability to visit Dream Islands. The Dream Islands are just player islands which you can visit in your dreams and permanent changes by the player to an island aren’t allowed. Any user built islands that Nintendo deems to be modified or hacked are being deleted with players also receiving a warning via their email account associated with their Nintendo Account.

The warning suggests that the user could ultimately see restrictions on their Nintendo Account if they continue along that path. Dream Islands you visit can be reported to Nintendo and it seems users are actively reporting Dream Islands and they are being taken down, but there doesn’t seem to be an appeal process if Nintendo deletes the Dream Island which hasn’t actually been hacked. Here’s an email which Twitter user Wallfloweracnh received via Polygon.


8 thoughts on “Nintendo is taking down hacked dream islands”

  1. “Dear Nintendo fan. Thanks for spending $60 on our game. If we catch you again playing this game by rules that don’t comply with our own programmed arbitrary game rules, then we will move heaven and earth to make sure you will never enjoy this game ever again. Remember: Games are rocket science, only we know how you must play this game to have fun.

    Fuck you sincerely

    1. Yeah I find it funny how there getting upset over something they shouldn’t be doing don’t get me wrong hacking is cool and all but when you bring the hacking content online, your bound to get big N attention and get the ban hammer drop, this is nothing new besides most of them are only being taken down because players are deeming them as inappropriate online.

  2. Ikr Getting upset because you were punished for breaking the rules seems kind of dumb to me. Yes it is your game and you should be able to do what you want with it but keep that stuff offline.

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