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Nintendo announces Pikmin 3 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch coming 30th October

 At the far reaches of space lies a mysterious yet oddly familiar alien world … filled with cute creatures, hidden surprises and larger-than-life fun. Clear a landing zone, because the Pikmin 3 Deluxe game is headed to the Nintendo Switch family of systems on Oct. 30. Pikmin 3 originally launched on Wii U, and now it’s making the leap to Nintendo Switch with new content, more options for cooperative play and a range of settings that make it easy for newcomers to jump in. These tiny Pikmin are ready to make your acquaintance in their biggest adventure yet, so take a peek at your Pikmin platoon in the game’s debut trailer.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe isn’t your garden-variety adventure. Command a crew of three explorers and a squad of adorable Pikmin in a quest for survival packed with puzzles to solve and copious critters to battle. After a crash-landing, you’ll explore a variety of lush environments, such as the snow-covered Distant Tundra, the Twilight River and the Garden of Hope, all teeming with wondrous and formidable lifeforms.

“Pikmin 3 Deluxe brings this classic franchise to life on Nintendo Switch, introducing a new audience to its beloved characters and gameplay, while also welcoming back returning players with new challenges,” said Nick Chavez, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With Pikmin 3 Deluxe, the Nintendo Switch library of software continues to grow with a variety of games for everyone to discover and enjoy.”

Pikmin 3 Deluxe delivers a full suite of additions and enhancements, including the ability to play the whole Story mode in co-op with a friend, new side-story missions which can also be played in co-op and all the Mission mode DLC stages from the original game’s release. With new difficulty options, lock-on targeting, optional hints and the choice to play at a more relaxed pace, it’s easier than ever to join in on the Pikmin fun, enjoy the game’s beautiful scenery and get a taste of what this vibrant world has to offer. Fun features from the original game also return in Pikmin 3 Deluxe, such as the in-game camera, which allows players to snap photos of the game’s lush environments and curious creatures from a pint-sized perspective.

With a number of Pikmin to befriend and command, you’ll have a willing team at your disposal to tackle whatever obstacles you face. Different colored Pikmin offer a variety of helpful abilities and strengths for your missions. For example, Blue Pikmin can breathe underwater, helping you collect items other Pikmin can’t reach, while Winged Pikmin, distinguished by their pink hues and fluttering wings, can fly over terrain such as water and pits. Strategically selecting the right Pikmin for the task at hand, delegating projects and changing between captains can help secure victory.

For seasoned players who are ready to deploy their Pikmin-plucking skills in some new challenges, Pikmin 3 Deluxe adds new side-story missions featuring Olimar and Louie exploring planet PNF-404. And for a bit of friendly Pikmin-flinging fun, there are even head-to-head multiplayer matches available in Bingo Battle.

Your large team of small Pikmin are ready to join you as you embark on a giant adventure! To learn more information about Pikmin 3 Deluxe, visit Pikmin 3 Deluxe launches in stores, in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch and on on Oct. 30 at a suggested retail price of $59.99. For those who want to begin their planetary exploration on day one, pre-purchase is now available.

Source: Nintendo of America

55 thoughts on “Nintendo announces Pikmin 3 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch coming 30th October”

    1. Why would orgami be ever be use in another brand new release, it was just clever word play name use for paper Mario, new and deluxe have always been Nintendo over use words

    2. What the hell does Origami have anything to do with anything? Origami King is a totally new game and not a port/remaster

  1. Are they like scared to port 3d world or something, I mean not to hate or anything but it was one the best highest selling Wii u game, and people still constantly talk about it I don’t mind Pikmin 3 getting a port though the fans definitely deserve it, hopefully the Mario rumor direct it’s actually real, also I guess 4 is non-existent

    1. Switch owners are used to the better Mario game: Odyssey. Porting 3D World is like taking a step back since everyone is used to the new Mario engine.

      Same goes for Skyward Sword.

      1. Odyssey is defintely the best 3d mario engine, but 3d world is defintely a great multiplayer 3d mario game, I always hear people say well 3d world can’t get ported because that would be two 3d mario games, and that would hinder odyssey sales, those points don’t make sense to me since one game is sandbox singleplayer, while the other is linear mutliplayer, there like two different series.

      2. I actually like 3D World better than Odyssey regardless if Odyssey has a better engine.

        Why? Because after beating Bowser you just collecting more moons and for what? The adventure is easier and short.

      3. Every game after Super Mario 64 uses a better engine than Super Mario 64, and yet, people still manage to enjoy Super Mario 64.

        This is honestly kind of a sad, novelistic approach to games. Just because the new game has technical improvements over the old game doesn’t mean the old game doesn’t have appeal or value, and there are many, many, differences in design philosophy between 3D World and Odyssey. They’re arguably not even in the same genre.

        I loved 3D World. Odyssey has been the biggest disappointment on the Switch for me. That’s not me making an objective criticism of one over the other, just that I really, really do not care for collectathon and gimmick driven (hat capture) gameplay. I’m sure I’m probably not the only one, so there’s probably a market for a 3D World port.

      4. At least in Banjo-kazooie you needed a reason to collect every music note and puzzle piece in order to get to me Gruntilda the Witch. After collecting all the jigsaw pieces and go to the largest picture with missing pieces you end up with 6 extra jiggys left over.

        If Banjo-kazooie collect every music note 900 it increases their gold feathers to 20,
        Red feathers to 100
        Eggs to 200

        I want a reason after easily defeating Bower and Odyssey why should I be collecting more moons and coins based on what world you in?

      5. @Gruntilda, its significantly worse than that. What reasons there are to moon collect in Odyssey are destroyed by the game’s own design. Before beating bowser, the game goes out of its way to disincentivize collecting power moons in earlier worlds by not counting them towards later moon collection checkpoints. They force you to play in the world they want you to play for exactly as long as they want you to play it. Then, after beating bowser, what rewards there are, are infinitely easier to obtain by coin farming and just…… buying them than they are by actually hunting down every single power moon. Meaning the moons themselves are completely and totally meaningless for game progression, in spite of being the central device that defines game progression.

        Want everything power moon have to offer? Spend on hour on the coin slide room at Bowser’s castle. .Done.

        Don’t get me started on how easy they are to obtain any way. Half the moons in the game work out to “take a few steps that way, oh look, power moon!”

        This is turning into a rant. I don’t want to criticize anyone who enjoys the game. Go nuts. Have a blast. Lets just not pretend that Mario Odyssey is universally the only Mario game anyone needs.

      6. While some players see buying moons a problem, you can easily just ignore it and play the game the way you want to. I enjoyed finding every single moon without a guide.

        However the moon buying is probably made for those younger players who don’t know or don’t enjoy looking under every single rock.

        Also from a game design perspective, it reduces the possibility of players going to check a walkthrough guide/video on YouTube to find all moons. Most modern games have a similar hint system to mitigate this.

      7. @kafolic

        ” you can easily just ignore it and play the game the way you want to.”

        This doesn’t in any way resolve the problem. If you gave Mario a life bar of 300 hits, you would make the game comically too easy. If someone pointed that out, someone could well say “well, you could deliberately go back to the checkpoint if you get hit five times, so you can play the way you want.” This is absurdity. It isn’t the player’s job to create artificial reasons to play the game in a sensible way.

        ” I enjoyed finding every single moon without a guide.”

        I enjoyed Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. Loads of people despise that game and everything about it. Enjoyment is entirely subjective and has nothing to do with discussing the merits or problems of a particular aspect of design. The ability to purchase power moons, and do so more easily than hunting them down eliminates the incentive to find the moons manually for the reward. This is objective fact. You can say that you don’t care that it does this, but it is still true, and a reason someone with different tastes might not like the game.

        “However the moon buying is probably made for those younger players who don’t know or don’t enjoy looking under every single rock.”

        I’m sure that’s true. I also don’t particularly care what the reason was, it doesn’t stop them from being any less of a problem in devaluing power moons, basically the only thing that’s supposed to have value in the first place.

        “Also from a game design perspective, it reduces the possibility of players going to check a walkthrough guide/video on YouTube to find all moons.”

        It would also reduce the possibility if you removed the power moons entirely and just GAVE the player all the rewards attached to the power moons. It wouldn’t fix the problem of most of the game’s content being optional and having no reward.

        “Most modern games have a similar hint system to mitigate this.”

        I can’t see any way to not call it plain dishonesty to call a system whereby you can just purchase your success at a store, a “hint system”. The game DOES have a hint system. You can go talk to the toad ont he map who will point you to the next moon. The item shop is objectively not a hint system and has no resemblance whatsoever to any industry standard hint mechanism.

  2. Ooh. Dilemma. Do I buy this again?

    I love Pikmin3, and I still had some levels on the WiiU DLC to obtain Platinum ranking on.

    I had ignored the other Pikmin games in the series and bought Pikmin3 on a whim, and was blown away. And I’ve never really cared for RTS games either. But this is so well put together, with the amazing design it feels more ‘instinct’ than ‘strategy’ when playing.

    I’ll need to see the price and what else is included (not to mention what the controls will have to do to accommodate the quick character switching etc. from the WiiU controller) before deciding to purchase.

    But I am pretty much a YES already.

    1. The article said you can pre purchase now, so prices should be available already. That being said, I would be surprised if it wasn’t a full priced game, being 60 USD

  3. What’s the Dizzneal?

    I actually got this for free as a download on some offer that Nintendo was running, way back when the Wii U was flopping in sales. Never ha played 1 or 2, but out of whatever choices I had to choose from, I chose pikmin 3 and it did not disappoint. It turned out being one awesome experience. I will probably get this, the story co-op addition is huge. Although I played part 3, never finished the final stage, thus was never passed.

    1. I believe you refer to the Mario Kart 8 promotion, where if you registered it to Club Nintendo, you got your choice of 1 of 4 games to download free (Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Wii Party U, and New Super Mario Bros. U. I remember I went with Wii Party as I wasn’t interested at all in NSMBU and already had the other two choices).

    2. Oh yeah, I remember getting Pikmin 3 from that offer as well. I was initially going to get Game & Wario but I heard that game wasn’t all that good. Plus, I’ve never played Pikmin before and it was free so I just went with that game instead.

    1. Now, all we need is Super Mario 3D World, Metroid Prime Trilogy and The Legend of Zelda’s Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD.
      Also, the first two Pikmin games.

      1. Wind Waker will always forever be my favorite Zelda. The music, the design, happiness, the joy, the sailing. If it gets ported to Switch, I’m going to have to buy two physical games twice. One to play and the other to never open.

  4. This is fine, but anyone who played and beat Pikmin 2 know this is roughly a fifth the size of it, which is a real bummer for a sequel. Hopefully the “Deluxe” aspect of it beefs up the length of the game a bit. The original release felt like such a step backwards for me personally. Pikmin 2 is one of my all time favorite games for any system.

    1. I know it’s just personal taste, but I prefer 1 and 3 over 2 because of the shorter length. A lot of segments in 2 felt really dragged out to me, which affected my enjoyment of it. Too much bloat. 3 is my favorite, but I’m skeptical that this version will be able to make up for the loss of the gamepad. It was very handy in the original. But since I’m a big pikmin fan I’ll probably buy it anyway…

      1. I didn’t play much of Pikmin 3 so I don’t remember all the control options, but I assume you’ll be able to use the joy con gyro controls to aim your cursor and they’ll be able to make up for the lack of a gamepad screen quite easily.

    2. And let me tell you Banjo-kazooie Tooie and DK64 and Super Mario 64, Galaxy, & 3D Mario World were way better than Sunshine and Odessey 3D world games.

      I really enjoyed that non gravitational 3D Mario Galaxy.


  5. This makes way, plus room to announce Pikmin 4 in future directs. This introduces New Switch gamers to Captain Olimar. Be happy 😃.


  6. You know, they missed an opportunity here.
    They could have come out with The Pikmin Trilogy HD Deluxe Edition.
    All three Pikmin games, all the added content and the Pikmin short videos. It may not have been a great game, but a Switch version of Hey! Pikmin would make a decent bonus game in the package.

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  8. Buying again. Love Pikmin 3 and excited I can play it in coop. Will platinum all challenges again as well. I hope this means we get Pikmin 4 next year.

  9. Finally! Now a new population of players can discover this underappreciated masterpiece, and Nintendo can start giving this franchise the attention it deserves.

  10. Well I’ve been wanting to play this game but not sure I want to pay full retail for it. Nintendo is probably the only company that gets away with this and I wish that wasn’t so. Nevertheless, I know ppl will buy it just because they love the series. I’ll probably buy it once a sale comes around.

      1. Yea it doesn’t warrant full price for me personally. You can see from the trailer it’s basically a straight port, they didnt bother with improving the visuals, it remains to be seen how much more content they’ve actually added. We’ll see in the reviews when the time comes.

    1. Perhaps that’s why no new content was shown on the trailer. So year as I’m sure a lot of people know how a big Pikmin fan I am and I’m going to give them another $60. Yup I am. I hope they use my Pikmin 3 Delux revenue for Pikmin 4

  11. While I still have my copy of Pikmin 3 on Wii U, I might go in on the game again with the Switch version. The new additions like the side stories of Olimar and Louie, the Piklopedia, and the varying difficulty options are things I felt should have been in the original. As my biggest complaint with the original was the tragically short campaign, the new Olimar & Louie chapters are what I’m looking forward to most.

  12. Hard mode will make this tough, I’ll quit when I realized I had enough. So hurry up Miyomoto and push that Switch I’m tired of waiting like an old grunty witch.

  13. Doing Pot Ding Pot on the wall what is Nintendo doing with Pikmin Franchise over all?

    Ding Pot: to my favorite witch I have no clue what games are coming to the Switch!!

    Gruntilda: what you mean you filthy pot you supposed to tell the future is that all you got!!!

    Ding Pot: Nintendo is so secret you see, unpredictable makes it hard to be

    Gruntilda : you know what you pot,?start washing my lot, and these filthy clothes I got.

  14. Ding Pot Ding Pot on the wall what is lying Miyomoto doing with Pikmin 4 over all?

    Ding Pot: the man appears to be ,
    a big liar but we will see.

    Grunty: you so right that’s all he is, by the time it comes out, it’ll lose its biz.

    Ding Pot: I bet he was bluffing but we will see, wait 3 more years and Pikmin 4 shall be.

    Grunty: Three more years of wait shall be? Do I need to get down on one knee and plea?

    Klungo: Grunty Isssssss Mad at Miyyyyyyyomoto. Lol

    Grunty: Shut up you big green spot, I’ll have you washing dishes starting with Ding Pot!!!

    Klungo: Yesssssss Grunty. Klungo will beeeeeee sure to not laugh at Grunty. Sorry Missssssssss Grunty. Klungo be good.

    Grunty: That’s better you silly boy, now hurry up with my milk and soy.

    Ding Pot. But there is this Pikmin 3 Delux. I really think it will sell and flux.

    Grunty: why do you think so my dirty pot? You did research and came with a plot?

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