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US: Paper Mario: The Origami King sets new launch month record for franchise, beats Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Paper Mario: The Origami King only released just under a month ago and it’s clear that fans are lapping it up as sales for the title have been strong according to NPD. The papery RPG for Nintendo Switch, which is the sixth instalment in the franchise, has set a new record for a Paper Mario launch month and it has even dethroned the popular Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario. Thanks to Mat Piscatella, an analyst over at NPD, he gives us a little more insight:

“Paper Mario: The Origami King was the third-best-selling game of July,” Piscatella said. “Paper Mario: The Origami King set a new launch month sales record for a Paper Mario title, with physical launch month dollar sales more than doubling those of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.”


10 thoughts on “US: Paper Mario: The Origami King sets new launch month record for franchise, beats Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door”

  1. What’s Da Dizzneal?

    Haven’t picked this up yet. I still have Color Splash sealed, so I still have that to pass. Backlog so big, I still have BotW sealed, and haven’t passed Skyward Sword either. Too many good releases, too little time. How I long for a millionaires life. Ha.

  2. Well? Despite the numerous things going wrong with the franchise, it still sells a lot. Meaning they won’t stop doing their experiments and such, since people will buy it regardless.

  3. But just because it beat previous Paper Mario sales records doesn’t mean it’s the best Paper Mario game. I have yet to find that out, since I haven’t even started it yet. I have SO many great games awaiting for me to play that I’ll probably never get around to playing some of them. And it’s not because I’m too busy. It’s because life really sucks a lot of times, and I’m always too depressed to care.

  4. It’s a fantastic game! I highly recommend it! It’s my favorite after the original Paper Mario for N64! Yes, I even think it’s better than the thousand year door!

  5. I think it really deserves the attention and sales.. it is really great game! creative, funny, and the vibes that each world gives you is SOMETHING! it’s a very joyful experience I’m glad I bought it! it’s totally worth it! people are complaining about the battle system being repetitive but its just normal for me its just like how when u get fed up with pokemon trainer encounter battles by the end of the game! anyway I finished the game 100% and I actually may re-play it again in the far future much love for this game.

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